About Us

"The inspiration behind Lulu's Petwear is LULU!", our little rescue dog who came to us all the way from Texas!

Working in the animal care field as a veterinarian technician meant always having a pet and it was time our family was ready to get a dog. The only condition was, it had to be a rescue dog. We waited several months for the perfect dog to come along and that happened 6 months later. It was now time to start preparing for the new fur child. Considering she was a small dog coming all the way from Texas and we all know how Canadian winters can get, we started looking for fall/winter apparel for her.

Lulu is a little terrier mix (as per the rescue) so whenever we would measure her, her measurements would be in-between sizes. It was very frustrating finding her outerwear or even cozy, comfy wear for inside the house. Dressing her up was not something either of us enjoyed, it was not for fun but for the simple reason of trying to prevent her from possible getting hypothermia. And the prices were another story.

I wondered how many other pet parents were dealing with this. That's when the idea of Lulu's Petwear came to me! 

When we say Quality Petwear for all sizes, we mean it! Our goal is to create a one stop shop for pet parents to find essentials and a variety of other products to spoil fur kids of all different shapes and sizes! A lot of thought and care has been put into selecting our products. We have chosen quality over quantity! Hassle free and convenience are at the top of our list with fun, unique products, we are hoping to bring out the same personality traits as the ambassador of Lulu's Petwear!

We will be updating and adding to our collections frequently to keep up with the trends and demands.